Hat Trend: Bucket Hat

Hat Trend: Bucket Hat

Hats have always been in fashion, we love that every year an ‘old-timer’ makes a comeback. The Bucket hat is currently a very popular item, we spot the Bucket hat in streetstyle, the catwalk and our Instagram feed!

This classic hat made a comeback in streetstyle in 2019 and is here to stay. The Bucket hat is also known as the Fishing Hat or in Dutch ‘Regenhoedje’ (in Dutch). The Bucket Hat was introduced around 1900 and was traditionally worn by Irish farmers and fishermen, these hats are very practical and naturally rainproof!  

We have just received a new colorful delivery from Kangol we are excited to share it with you!

The Fishing Hat’

Fleur Zwartkruis wearing a beautiful Kangol bucket hat from Atelier Pauline. Fleur is a dancer with an amazing hat collection and admirable moves, go follow her on instagram: @fleurzwartkruis

New in! We love these Kangol Bucket hats in beautiful colours

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